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Reford founded in 2009 aluminum, aluminum extrusions company set research and development, design, production, sales and integration, the company's main business: aluminum processing, aluminum processing, and various types of industrial aluminum processing; I produced 6063,1060,1070,6061,6005 grade aluminum to aluminum products mainly made of high quality aluminum rod raw materials, the company with a number of automated production lines. The world's leading extruder equipment, can provide aluminum extrusion, oxidation, deep processing of one-stop service. After ten years of development, our company has become one of the largest and the strength of aluminum production enterprises in North China, and many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises have established good cooperative relations, widely recognized and praised by the industry.
Particularly in the field of aluminum processing, aluminum Fengda Lee has accumulated a wealth of experience, I produced the aluminum tubes with high precision, beautiful appearance, stable performance, durable and so on. I plant the production of aluminum varieties are: cosmetics tubes, brush tubes, garland tubes, thin-walled aluminum tubes, aluminum tubes, precision tubes, pen, pressure-caps aluminum, aluminum fishing gear tent tubes, electronic tubes, aluminum tubes and other household items. And can be requested by customers to sample size and drawing processing, the production of aluminum shape: triangle, with a round, oval, square, rectangular, concave convex outer, inner cylindrical projection, Peach triangle biplane, cylindrical concave , U-shaped, character, character concave, single flat oval, a radius of joining pipe, flat tube, thin-walled, capillary, elbow, can best meet the needs of major customers. Our products are the implementation of national standards, products widely used in daily necessities, construction, textile, electrical, mechanical, aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, and other fields.
I company for each product have strict prescribed in the process, improve the quality assurance system to ensure the process of implementation of the one hundred percent and have the ability to work with customers to develop products, Lee Fonda aluminum industry is committed to the development of high-precision technologies .
Promises: the same products, prices cheaper; the same price, better quality; the same quality and better service, timely delivery, quality assurance, better prices! Please call Negotiable, large better, customers are welcome to call to discuss the order.

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